About Us

            GripRx is a groundbreaking, innovative company dedicated to the design of innovative, ergonomic grip products that work naturally with athletes’ kinematics to improve performance, enhance comfort, and reduce the risk of injury. GripRx grips are applied to the end of cylindrical sporting devices and are ergonomically designed to seamlessly position the bottom hand in a natural position on the sporting device. In doing so, GripRx grips increase leverage, fill in the gaps that exist between the bottom hand and the sporting device, and position the bottom hand in a natural angle, all of which contribute to efficient energy transfer.  
            We are fundamentally enhancing the way lacrosse is played by providing player with our high-performing, ergonomic grip technology designed to be efficient and functional. Our grips are designed to fit the natural angle your bottom hand wants to be in, thus increasing the player’s leverage when grasping their stick. When shooting, the player is provided faster shot speed. When passing, the player is provided increased accuracy. When checking, the player is provided greater control of the stick. Butts, end caps and tape rings are inefficient and makeshift. Make the switch to GripRx, the first lacrosse grip built with a purpose.