May 08, 2017

From the Endline Group,


Charlotte, NC May 8, 2017 – Looking to bring serious innovation to the sport, GripRx and Kyle Harrison have partnered to introduce patented grip technology to lacrosse. GripRx has created a product that enhances the players’ biomechanics and promotes a natural throwing motion. Its ergonomic, contoured design improves the players’ shot speed, stick control, and leverage.

Harrison comments “With so much innovation centered on the stick having been introduced to the sport over the past few years, it was only natural that grip technology follow suit. GripRx has come up with something that while seemingly simple has the opportunity change the game. I couldn’t be more excited to partner with the GripRx team to get this product in the hands of players throughout the sport!”

Travis Nardin, Founder and CEO of Nardin Sports LLC, creators of GripRx adds “I couldn’t be any more excited to welcome Kyle Harrison to the GripRx team. Kyle shares the same passion as our brand to create the most innovative and scientifically superior products to enhance players’ performance. I know Kyle will help us make the GripRx technology standard on every lacrosse stick and I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with him on this endeavor.”

The partnership will see Harrison in the role as brand ambassador as well as crafting business and marketing strategies for the product launch and beyond. The GripRx team will be introducing the product at events throughout the summer and officially launching in late October. With GripRx advancing their technology across several sports, partnering with Harrison in the lacrosse category demonstrates the value they place on his ability to demonstrate the on field advantages of the product as well as his off field market strength, vision, and business acumen.


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